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Your guide to working from home

The ability to work from home has changed the work dynamic for most of us whether it is an enforced short-term solution or a new way of working that you aim to continue. Either way, here are some tips to help you make the most of the situation and avoid some of the common traps that people fall into.

1. Get Connected
We’re an IT company you knew this would have been first. If you are working remotely at home instead of the office then the biggest impact on productivity is often how seamlessly your office systems can dovetail into your home work environment. If it isn’t easy to set up or maintain then you need to talk to us.

2. Establish A Dedicated Workspace
Find a quiet space away from high traffic areas, distractions like TV or other people and make sure you have everything you need to complete all your work tasks close at hand. Make sure you are comfortable but not too comfortable… the sofa may not be the best choice.

3. Set Boundaries
Ensure that other people in the house know when you are not to be disturbed and then set a timetable of when you will be 100% work focussed. This should include regular breaks and keep hydrated. Once you have done that then…stick to it! There will be lots of time for other things once you have finished your work. This is one of the things that new ‘work-from-homers’ have difficulty with. If it helps… set an alarm and get into that routine.

4. Stay Connected
Often we forget how much we enjoy the human interaction that comes with our normal work environment and we miss that engagement when we are working remotely. Stay in touch with your colleagues with regular online team meetings or phone calls if you are at risk of going stir crazy. Either that or, if that isn’t possible, schedule a walk around the neighbourhood with someone in your home or a play date with your kids… but it should be in your timetable.