Banx is a VoIP and technology specialist with more than 20 years in the industry and a friendly but focused attitude towards customers and their needs. Regardless if your a home user or a business, we can supply you all your technology needs including desktop computers, laptops, servers, email and internet solutions, phone systems and much more. Our friendly service team can also provide ongoing support and technical assistance.

Unlike many other “computer specialists” who only really know how to assemble computer parts and install software, we also have real world knowledge, experience and skills that allow us to properly troubleshoot and repair computers with hardware or software problems (Virus, Spyware, etc.) where others would simply suggest upgrading your system or re-installing software to overwrite the problem rather than fixing it.

We prefer to find out what has gone wrong and prevent it from happening again rather than simply starting over with a fresh installation, as well as being able to keep all of your files and settings without losing anything.

We have a dedicated service centre which allows customers to bring in their computers and technicians are able to diagnose and correct issues fairly quickly.