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Banx Backup

File Level Backups

Backup just the most important files to the cloud. Plans start at $20+gst per month for up to 25GB of data. A local copy of the backed up data can also be stored on a connected USB drive, separate internal drive or network share.

Full System Backups – Onsite & Offsite (Recommended for mission critical servers):

Saves the whole system state + programs etc which can be restored down to the same or different hardware or virtual machine and made bootable again in the event of a complete machine or drive failure (Avoids complete server re-install, software setup and configuration which can take days). These plans start at $80+gst per month (Up to 125GB). A local copy of the backed up data is stored on a connected USB drive, separate internal drive or network share giving you an onsite and an offsite option for recovery. An new external drive is included in full system backup plans but remains the property of Banx Systems and is returned to us in the event the backup service is no longer required.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Local backups using constantly connected drives or network shares are susceptible to crypto virus attacks. Any backup sent offsite using our system cannot be compromised by crypto viruses. Banx Backup’s local backup will not synchronise with the cloud backup if changes are detected to its backup files, file based synchronisation utilities such as MS Office 365’s OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox etc will synchronise these virus compromised files to the cloud and as such should not be considered as a true backup solution, in fact it is recommended to have backups in place for these products to a 3rd party for this reason alone. With Banx Backup your data is always safe and retrievable in the event your PC or server is infected by a file encrypting virus.


Backup Location Type:


  • Files & Folders
  • Data Sources Including:
    • Network Shares
    • Exchange
    • Hyper-V
    • Sharepoint
    • SQL
    •  MySQL
    • Oracle
    • System State
    • VMware

All encrypted.


  • Image Level, Standby Image Backup, VHDx – Hyper-V & Vmware
  • Local Encrypted File Store (Local SpeedVault)


  • XP through to 10
  • Server 2003 Through to 10
  • Linux
  • MacOS



Archiving available.


Default 30 days retention for each backup point, adjustable to suit.

Local SpeedVault:

The LocalSpeedVault (a local storage directory) stores an additional backup copy on an external drive or in your local network. When the LocalSpeedVault is on, scheduled backups continue running even if the Internet connection is down. Also restoring data to a local folder becomes faster and doesn’t depend on your Internet connection.

Virtual Drive:

Access backed up data in file browser.

Virtual Image (Standby Image Backup)

Standby images of your computer (namely its physical disks). The images are created locally – on the same computer or on the network. You can run them in the Hyper-V or VirtualBox virtualization environment or mount them to the local file system. (Note: The whole drive and system state needs to be backed up to the cloud for this option to work).

  • All Windows that support VHD
  • Windows 8 / 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server SBS 2011
  • Windows  Server 2012 / 2012 R2

Virtual Disaster Recovery:

The Virtual Disaster Recovery feature lets you create a working mirror of your computer and run it in a virtual environment. VDR provides the best RTO (The shortest time possible a business can operate without the server in case of disaster, usually within an hour or 2 hours worst case). Options shown below:

  • Recovery to a VM in our data centre, remote access given to users to continue working (Fast RTO depending on size of data to restore)
  • Continuous Recovery via HSR (Head Start Restore) – (Fastest RTO, minutes)
    • Onsite fail-over to another physical machine or virtual machine

(Extra hardware required onsite)


  • Offsite fail-over to a VM in our data centre, remote access given to users to continue working.

(Extra costs for hosting VM)

Data Security and Location:

All data sent offsite is encrypted at customer site and stored locally on specialist backup hardware in New Zealand in a local world class data centre located in Auckland so backups & file recoveries are fast, reliable and secure. Data centre storage nodes are further replicated to a second location.


GB Block Per Month (+gst)
001-025 $20
025-050 $40
050-075 $60
075-125 $80
125-175 $100
175-225 $150
225-275 $200
275-325 $250
325-500 $300
500-1000 $350
1000-1500 $400
1500-2000 $450