We have a dedicated Remote Support team available for customers. This technology lets us “remotely” control your PC or laptop (given permision by). We use the commercial software ‘TeamViewer’ for our remote support. TeamViewer sets up a strong secure connection between your PC and us so our technician can see your computer screen and control your PC remotely as if we were sitting in front of it. You can just sit back and watch us work our magic!


remote pc support

Please phone us on 09 481 9000 to make contact with a technician before running the remote software. You will be prompted to click either the ‘PC’ or ‘Mac’ buttons (depending on you Operating System) located in the top left of the sidebar to start remote support.


The preconfigured client software which you run from our website initiates an outgoing connection from your PC to our technicians PC, so you are allowing us to connect. Once the session has ended, the connection has been lost or the PC has been rebooted, then we will no longer have access to your PC unless you run the client software from our website again. Once you close the TeamViewer client application, the software will remove itself from your PC.

In some cases for regular customers, or if multiple reboots are required, we will request to install TeamViewer as a service so it is always available for us to reconnect upon rebooting the PC or when the connection is lost. This enables us to work on the PC uninterrupted if you are not available to reconnect us to the PC.


  1. Free “Quick-Fixes” completed in under 5 mins will be considered on a case by case basis, please be nice to your technician!
  2. Remote work carried out after a previous remote session or workshop job, which is directly related to completing the original job to your satisfaction, will be provided free of charge.
  3. Rate is: $2.66 +GST Per Minute.